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Mel Ott Vintage Baseball Bats

Mel Ott Baseball Bats

Mel Ott began playing MLB in 1926. He spent his entire major league career with the New York Giants. Throughout his career he averaged a batting average of .304. He finished his career with 511 home runs. 63 percent of Ott's home runs came at home.

The Giants won a World Series in 1933. They went to the championship game in 1936 and 1937 also. He went on to manage the Giants from 1942-1948. Ott was voted into the Hall of Fame in 1951. He went on to be a baseball broadcaster before he died in car accident in 1958.

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One of the greatest accomplishments of his career is that he was the first player in the National Leagues to exceed 500 home runs. His status as a home run hitter has made any baseball bat that can be traced back to him a hot property. It's players like Mel Ott who brought excitement and fans to the game of baseball and help make it the popular pastime it is today.

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